Installation > Homing

This paper and fabric installation fills the gallery space, with only narrow walkways around the margins. Entrances to the piece become accessible at the far end of the gallery. Paper 'walls' are suspended from the ceiling, so as viewers circumambulate, the walls rustle in response to the movement. Filling the front panel of the 'structure', a video projection cycles through a series of vignettes. Some of them emulate the movement of sunlight through a window, while at other moments undulating water fills the space. The architectural/light video was taken from a miniature model of the piece, light from my studio window arching across it's surface. This 'self-conscious' projection of a memory - re-projection of light on screen as light on screen - reflects our own constructed consciousness, while the immersion in water evokes a sublime emotional response. Meanwhile, shadows of the viewers play across the screens, and tiny pin-holes of video spill onto outer walls, bringing into question the function of the boundary.

woven waxed paper, tarlatan, video projection